Friday, September 28, 2012

~ Free Maths Flash Cards ~

Before i got baby i got do research what kind of teaching for new born baby. Times fly fast, now I got 5 months baby boy and he's getting naughty already. And i don't have time to teach my baby. Thanks to my mother in law for teaching him and taking care of him when i go to work.

As a mother I need to get something for him to learn when he still baby. I search for flash card at google then i found out Method How to Teach your baby Math Glenn Domans Dot
and they also provide some FREE flash cards patterns of this maths dot.

 ~ So happy & excited ~ 

Basic Guideline for Teaching 

  1. Begin as early as possible (~ new born baby ~ )
  2. Be joyous at all times
  3. Respect your child/baby
  4. Teach only when you and your child/baby are happy.
  5. Stop before your child/baby wants to stop.
  6. Show materials quickly.
  7. Introduce new materials often.
  8. Do your program consistently.
  9. Prepare your materials carefully and stay ahead.

If you aren’t having a wonderful time and your baby isn’t having a wonderful time – stop. You are doing something wrong

There is another one link also FREE flash cards pattern from Have Fun This is PDF file.
Hope these blog can help you alot. Have a Happy Day for "Mother to be" and "being Mom now"
Teach your child since they are little baby. It will be fun and happy time for both of you and your little one.

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