Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eco Mini Coin Purse - Floral

Hello everyone, 
I'm so excited wanted to post my next handmade that is 
"Eco Mini Coin Purse"
The first picture is side view
There are some untidy hand-sewing  since this is handmade. ^^

Floral Side view Purse

Floral Pouch

Upper view

Floral Purse

Side view

Floral Purse

Inside view 

Title : Floral Mini Purse
Measurement : Approx 3" (L) x  1.5" (H) 
Material : Hard Plastic & Fabrics
Purpose : To put coins, small item, accessories eg : rings, necklaces 

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I love to listen to all your comments so that i will improve alot from it.
Thank you.  

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